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Attain harmony with the Way.

At Dao Holistic Wellness, we seek to align your vitality with the effortless proceeding of the Way (Dao). Blockage occurs when the free flowing nature of energy is impeded by emotions, expectations, excessive force, and injuries. Like a stream of water losing clarity in passing through dirt. Blockages lead to imbalance, imbalances lead to illness, and illness is a loss of our right to perfect health. Dao Holistic Wellness is owned by James Tien, Traditional Eastern Arts, BA. He is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Meditation, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi Practitioner with diverse knowledge in World Religions and the physical sciences.


Reiki energy work involves a trained and certified Reiki practitioner channeling Reiki through their palms over areas of body where assistance in healing and moving energy is requested, or at a distance through intention and use of an avatar for the body.  It is not the channeler's own energy.


Reiki is channeled from a spiritual source, but it is non-denominational and can work with and enhance a preexisting connection to other religions or spiritual practices, or work without any particular affiliation. It is not the practitioner's own energy, it merely accesses their energy field as channel, so there is no risk of personal transfer or drain to the channeler or recipient.


The Reiki method was established by Mikao Usui in the 1920s and all Reiki Masters succeed his lineage. Reiki is a complementary therapy which may promote regeneration, relaxation, equanimity, and personal growth. Reiki is intelligent and always flows where it needs to and where it will work best, even if it is not felt. It has only positive effects and can be given in infinite generosity. It is not a cure or treatment for any illness. It is not a substitute for medical intervention or mental health counseling.


 If you are unsure about what Reiki can do for you, or if you are interested in trying Reiki or our consultation service please contact us, Dao Holistic Wellness is eager to assist.



Aurora, CO

Available Now

  • Reiki Energy Work Session (35 - 90 min, Distance Session available)

  • Reiki Object Charging

  • Reiki Object Attunement

  • Artwork Commissions, Chinese Brush, Pen, and Portrait

  • Tai Chi/Qi Gong Classes