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James Tien

BA Traditional Eastern Arts, concentration in Tai Chi Chuan (Naropa University)

Minor Contemplative Psychology

Tai Chi Elements Instructor Certification (Naropa University and Rocky Mountain Tai Chi)
Reiki 1,2, and Master Practitioner Certification


I was attuned to Reiki Beginner (Level 1) in 2013 by Usui Reiki Master Cara Stone. In early 2016 I was attuned to Advanced Reiki (Level 2) and at the end of the year to Reiki Master Practitioner (Level 3) by Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Teacher Aric Parker. I have a total of over 6 years experience in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Reiki. My knowledge of ancient systems from India, Tibet, and China such as the Chakras, Doshas, Acupoints, and Meridians; combined with modern western understanding of the function of the physical body through anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry informs the Reiki channel to reach one's entirety.

I am a graduate of Naropa University's Tradtional Eastern Arts program, core Tai Chi Chuan. You may be scratching your head at the sound of this degree, what did I really learn about and do? My degrees core classes were focused on learning the Cheng Manching Short Style Yang Tai Chi Chuan Form. This 37 posture version of Tai Chi was one of the first popularized in America, brought over from China by Cheng Manching, who established the New York School of Tai Chi Chuan. Here he taught many students who myself and my direct teachers succeed from. Notably Bataan Faigao, founder of Boulder, CO's Rocky Mountain Tai Chi, where my teachers are still active and holding the lineage. Cheng Manching's style is among the most internal of Tai Chi Forms, cultivating the internal alignment, and the use of "yi" intention over "li" force.

As part of my major I also sampled the other Traditional Eastern Arts offerings, Aikido, the Japanese martial art based on taking advantage of 'Ki' (same as Qi) energy, and Yoga, the science of union with the divine through ethics, asana (posture), pranayama (breath), and mindfulness.

Another art adding to my understanding of Eastern aesthetic and philosophy was Traditional Chinese Brush Art, which is in the same philosophical family as Chinese Medicine, Daoism, and Tai Chi. It involves concentrating breath to still mind and spirit, imparting brush strokes with the appearance of life and ones own unique qi. There are rules for each and every stroke, and there is no touching up mistakes, strokes must be executed perfectly.

Psychology of the Five Elements with Marlow Brooks introduced me to the Chinese Five Elements system, an older derivative of Chinese theory with a different worldview from modern "Traditional Chinese Medicine", and the distinguishing feature of "Classical Five Elements Acupuncture". I take inspiration and use tools from this system (i.e. meridians, organs) in my own energy work on myself and others. It also includes influences of prehistoric shamanism.

In June 2018 I started practicing and learning Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (Bak Siu Lum), with Sifu Kisu Stars, who worked on the famous Nickelodeon shows, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. He is still teaching in the Boulder County area to this day. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu has improved my fitness, self-discipline, strength, and sharpness and continues to do so. The style syncs up well with Chinese teachings on the Five Elements, Yin and Yang, and improving the entirety of ones health. It is a dear honor to have received teachings from this lineage and made connections with this influential teacher.

Since January of 2021 I have been attending Denver Integrative Massage School and am on my way to being licensed as a massage therapist. It is my hope to begin offering massage services early next year. The modalities I have learned include Swedish Massage, Thai Yoga Massage (Traditional and Table), Trigger-point therapy, and Myofascial release as well as other complementing therapies. All of these methods have health boosting and therapeutic properties, and the techniques can be used in conjunction with meridian theory from Chinese and Thai medicine.

Altogether my major and minor have given me insight into the interconnection of mind-body, understanding of complementary medicine, the nature of religion and spirituality, and a way to live in the modern world in harmony with our ancient wisdom.

As owner and operator of Dao Holistic Wellness my first and foremost intention is to help people heal themselves. I envision a world where humanity is responsible for its own health and its interaction with the larger universe. I trust that Reiki can be the energetic boost necessary to kick start holistic mechanisms of healing and guide all individuals wherever they may be at.

Traditional Easten Arts, BA, Concentration in Tai Chi Chuan, Naropa University, May 2017
Usui Reiki Level III Certification, Reiki Master Practitioner, Aric Parker, December 2016
Usui Reiki Level I Certification, Cara Stone, March 2013
Tai Chi Elements Intructor Certification, Rocky Mountain Tai Chi, May 2017