Basic Suggestions for Balancing Health

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Basic Health Balancing Tips

Use these suggestions at your own risk. Consult a doctor of other qualified health practitioner before attempting any major lifestyle challenges.

Qi Bo replied, "In the olden days, people know the way of the Dao, understood the intricate process of the yin and yang, formulated the internal arts to harmonize the energy, ate and drink with moderation and regularity, woke up and retire at a fixed and regular hours, did not entertain daydreaming and drifting thoughts, refrained from overindulgence. Thus, by doing so, were able to preserve their spirit, get closer to the Heavenly Age, and reach over a hundred years old before dying." (Huangdi Neijing)

Stay Hydrated

Consuming adequate water is the most vital step to keep the body regular. Water is constantly being used in all the cells to filter, communicate, and catalyse reactions. Water is the simple source from which life arose. It symbolizes the origin of things, and the commonality between all things that live, plant and animal. The more hydrated you are the easier it is to repair the internal systems. It allows cleansing and metabolism to occur. Cold water will temporarily slow energy which can be relaxing mentally. Luke warm and hot water will enhance metabolism. Water can also be imbued with intentions and energy. It is a programmable molecule. By praying and savoring the act the water becomes a more potent source of life force. The same kind of relationship can be had with plants you garden yourself, or meat killed personally.


Know What You Eat

Take some time to learn about the various nutrients the body takes in from food. How they are treated and made useful in digestion. Having awareness of the food uptake process will increase self-knowledge or gut knowledge of what diet is right for you. Be a part of the food intake process from source, to absorption to expulsion. Familliarize yourself with the Micro and macro nutrients. Begin to read and identify all labels on food consumed, and discern if the ingredients are something you want going into you. One way to get in contact with Qi and Spirit is to fast and give up food for a bit. See how your mind and soul can energize you without depending on physical food in a designated amount. Eastern dietics believes in harmonizing the five flavors (Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Spicy, Salty) with the individual constitution and the seasonal influences. The same phases regulating changes over the year also work inside every person.

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Balance Hard and Soft Exercise

Bodies need some kind of exercise to keep the shape dynamic and in motion. Hard exercise like cardio generates vigorous Yang, increasing circulation, heat, and spirit. People have always been designed for activity, this is even more important if your job is sedentary or has you in the same position for a long time. Qi will become stopped up in that position and need to be moved around. Hard exercise includes sports, running, martial arts and more. This is relative to the person also, if you're not used to a lot of challenging exercise a little bit can make a big difference. It is all gradual and based in balance. The other side of this is to incorporate Yin, and soft exercises. Imbalance can also come from being too active and constantly vigilant or challenged. Restorative practices like getting massaged, meditation, Qi Gong, and other relaxing past times are also part of a balanced lifestyle. Spending time in true stillness, without external entertainment allows the spirit and soul to congeal into the flesh and body. Balancing Yin and Yang summarizes and bridges all the fields of life. The spring and summer are better times to intensify and be more active, while the fall and winter are better times for introspection and relaxation.

Learn Anatomy, Physiology, and Alternative Medicine Perspectives

Just like knowing what you eat, knowing whats inside of you increases awareness of the physical system. Get to know the organs inside of you, how they work, and what they accomplish. Learn about views on immunity and homeostasis. See if you can also find truth in the other perspectives of health and wellness like Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and more. Knowing what you're made of and how you fit into the whole of nature and the world makes you more responsible. Learn to depend less on other peoples views of health and medicine in search of truth. Know how the medicines you may or may not take effect the systems within, such as the endocrine glands, nervous system, and other body systems. Rule and take charge of your own space and stop being invaded by the many forces of the world.

There can be so many other pieces of recreation that fit into our total balance. Learning new things, creative art, hobbies, taking on new challenges that excite you, spending time with animals, friends, loved ones, and nature can all increase longevity and harmony.

Zhuangzi Ch. 27 When the cold days come and the frost and snow have fallen, then I understand how the pine and the cypress flourish.

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