Creative Distance Healing

As we go through the day, attending to normal worldly affairs, it is possible to still be sending out distance Reiki. As every thing that arises is a ripple of what the whole ocean is doing, everything is connected. There is a Zen buddhist flavor to this, in any action the intention to reach the supreme goal remains. Our mind attracts into existence the desired reality, whatever task is before us. When you wash dishes or clean the house, you are cleaning up your own life, and thus the lives of others. When you cook you are also nourishing and being nourished in soul. When you make art, or write, or make music or any other creative process, you imagine recreating something in its optimal vibration. When you exercise, each motion you make is building the world in its ideal state.

Even if not a Reiki practitioner, if a Buddhist, A Christian, A magician, or something else you can make use of this concept. Every small task is a stepping stone building the bridge to heaven. It is a wordless prayer brought about by doing. The one thing is always being accomplished since the beginning. This is to live in holistic synchronicity with all the members of your world, constantly unifying the philosophical Mercury with the lead of ordinary life to make the Philosophers Stone. Remaining in this state is not easy, it must be practiced like a meditation, returning to the rock of faith or inner peace despite what is arising. Whatever our study or practice or medium is the intention is unified into the universal goal, fulfilling a harmonious note of the collective symphony.

Sansho's Golden Carp, a Zen Koan:

Attention! Sansho asked Seppo, "A golden carp passes through the nets- I wonder what he has for food." Seppo said, "I'll wait unil you get out of the net, then I'll tell you." Sansho said, "A good teacher of fifteen hundred monks doesn't even know what we're talking about?" Seppo replied, "For this old monk, as head of the temple, affairs do multiply."

May the Dao bless us all,


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