UPDATED: Discovering Qi: Intro to Qi Gong Class

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Join me at the end of September to get a first hand experience of Qi Gong. Some of the goals for this class are teaching people to sense Qi, sharing knowledge of Chinese Medicine and its holistic worldview, and giving people tools for self-healing and preventive care.

Discovering Qi

A Workshop with James Tien, of Dao Holistic Wellness BA Traditional Eastern Arts

Come and learn how to experience your own Qi energy. We will discuss theory and practice some basic movements and postures. Learn about the Five Phases, Yin and Yang, and how Qi can become part of your own health management and cultivation lifestyle. I would love to have a few regular participants who can become part of this study on the Dao and Qi energy in the modern world.

1 Hour Workshop

September 28th, at 1 PM 15$ a class Location: Vali Soul Sanctuary, Boulder, CO www.daoholisticwellness.com


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