Elemental Synastry using Chinese Five Elements

I am pleased to announce a new service from Dao Holistic Wellness. As the Chinese Five Elements theory can be used in any part of our lives, physical health, emotional, and mental, it can also be applied to relationships. Certain elements contribute more to eachother, while others can be adverse to one another. In addition to the constitution one currently carries, every person also has a natal animal sign and element sign on the Chinese Zodiac. The most well known of these being the year sign, ie Yin Wood Pig, or Yang Fire Tiger. There are also deeper levels related to Month, Day, and Time which are considered more personal and intimate in Chinese Astrology. Determining the innermost parts of the chart requires complete Birth time, but this is not required.

These 60 Signs and their times are derived from the Chinese 10 Heavenly Stems, which give the Element and a Yin or Yang nature, and the 12 Earthly Branches, which gives the Animal sign.

The new service i'm offering includes a Dao Holistic Wellness Consultation for you and your partner to determine elemental constitution, a advisory session for you and your partner, and a Chinese Zodiac reading.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychotherapist or relationship counselor, and provide this service as an alternative and complementary medicine practitioner.



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