Introducing Dao Holistic Wellness Delivery Service!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Dao Holistic Wellness Delivery Service

Bringing wellness to you

Have you ever wanted to meet an energy worker in the comfort of your own home? Maybe you were tired or weren't feeling well and didn't feel like going to see one, or the one you had been recommended was too far away. I am pleased to announce my new service, doing house calls for Reiki, Qi Gong lessons, or any other services from Dao Holistic Wellness. I am currently based in Broomfield, CO, halfway between Boulder and Denver. For a small fee our services will be mobilized to your home or business. I can also visit you or your loved ones in the hospital so long as it is acceptable to your doctors. If you own a pet I can work on them too.

The basic area (0-15 miles away) has a $10 delivery fee, with an additional $5 per 10 miles beyond that, and an additional $10 per 10 miles beyond 50 miles away. I am willing to travel far for the right incentive, and willing to trade for accommodations or other goods and services. Get in touch with your query today. The delivery fee will be added to the basic cost of the service, $45 for 35 minutes of Reiki, $70 for 1 hour, $100 for an hour and half, $100 for a consultation. Same rate for private lessons in Qi Gong or Tai Chi.

Set up your appointments today before the schedule is booked up. Hours of availability are 9am-9pm, last sessions at 9pm, M-F. I will also smudge whatever room you would like in your home/office space. If you have a special condition Dao Holistic Wellness is eager to serve you. Seniors (60 and up) and Veterans get 25% off all sessions, ask about a free trial if you're a vet (not including travel cost). It is always an honor to work with those who served. I also offer a free trial for people who are hospitalized, or fighting cancer, and 25% off on follow up appointments. The discount is for the service itself, apart from the travel cost. Book 1-2 weeks in advance for trips over 50 miles away.

Call James Tien at 607-279-1481

Or email to arrange an appointment and set up a short interview

Interested in regular appointments? Lets arrange a payment plan.

Disclaimer: DAO Holistic Wellness, nor the practitioner James Tien, is a doctor or otherwise licensed medical practitioner. I am not authorized to diagnose or treat any condition. The service is done in full knowledge that Reiki and energy work have not been scientifically proven for use in medicine. The client's voluntary participation is done in full consent independent of results achieved or desired. The practitioner is not liable for life changes or changes in condition as a result of the Reiki Energy Work or by following advice given in the consultation or in person. Results may include improved physical, mental, and emotional health, releasing of stored trauma, decreased stress and anxiety, greater motivation, spiritual elevation, increased vitality, decreased pain, greater clarity, accelerated recovery from sickness, and desires to change lifestyle. Reiki is a complimentary and alternative therapy meant for integration in a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

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