New Service from DAO Holistic Wellness

I am pleased to announce my latest service offering, Reiki Object Charging and Attunements.

With this service, you can have any items you own charged with Reiki, or even permanently attuned to one of three levels, 1, 2, or Master.

Imagine having your own clothes, crystals, water bottles, or other items vibrating with the heavenly forces of Reiki. Charged objects make great gifts for family members, couples, or friends. There is a basic charging available, as well as the Extended release charging, making a longer lasting and more powerful blessing.

Attuned objects are even more powerful, as if you always have a Reiki practitioner available to boost you. An attunement to an object makes it a permanent Reiki conductor. If done on crystals they will never need to be cleansed or recharged. An attuned stuffed animal is a great way to give yourself Reiki, or send distance Reiki to others. It could make a fantastic gift for a sick person, or an imagination boosting gift for a kid. Attunements come in three levels, Level 1, Level 2, and Master Level.

To get your Reiki charged or attuned objects today, contact Dao Holistic Wellness, and tell us about your item. Then have it packaged and shipped to the address provided, this can be easily done at USPS or FedEx or another delivery service. After paying for the service and the variable return S&H, you will receive your charged or attuned object back within 2 weeks. Don't hesitate to ask about special requests, like birthdays, Full or New Moon chargings, or other auspicious days.

To find out more head to our Services page or Book Online page.

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