Now Offering Drawings and Paintings

Artwork and creative practice is an important part of holistic living for me. The freedom of a blank page provides a doorway to the imagination. A place you can create right before your eyes to get away into. In art practice the soul can expand and make forms in its own image. Everyone is an artist, from that first doodle you made with markers or crayons, you started a great work, and left it somewhere by the way. I would invite anyone attempting to live holistically to try and put a little into artwork, start drawing simple shapes, attempting to reproduce other works, or drawing a spot in nature. Art is like poetry, it is a way to express ideas that can not be written or spoken.

The art i'm now offering through my page usually falls into the Eastern or Western spectrum. Eastern art holds the undrawn parts in as much significance as the parts you fill in, obeying the Chinese concept of Feng Shui, and Wu, or emptiness. The aesthetic is about leaving space between things, rather than filling in every possible place. The silence between the notes is part of the music. Chinese Art uses black and white and the shades in between to create life like images of flowers, bamboo, mountains, and animals. The philosophy of Chinese art is common to Daoism, Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. It involves focused intention, and control of Qi, or energy. The brush holder imparts their Qi into the strokes, adding to the life capturing property of the art. Chinese art is calming and meditative, cultivating yin and stillness. The practice can increase mental focus and physical health. Drawing Chinese characters is a less forgiving style, you only get one shot on each stroke, which has to be in correct order, and relationship to the rest of the character. The most systematic of the styles are the traditional Kai style, the writing system formalized by the Qin Emperor, and the Square Li Style. The more artistic styles include Cursive style or Running style, in which the strokes are all connected, and the Grass style, where characters are changed into their most abstract form. I can do single characters or combinations, or a piece of writing involving many characters. Chinese character drawing is the hardest of the forms of art I have encountered, requiring constant attention and precision which either makes or breaks the art.

The other style of art which I most commonly do is visionary/psychedelic in nature. Using fractals, mirroring, and patterning to make an image which flows into itself. Not unlike Alex Grey's work. I take a lot of inspiration from organic forms, like plants and animals, or anatomical structures. These works often have a spiritual inspiration and contain a lot of symbolism. Self-similarity and resonance generate common resemblance throughout the art. In addition to these images of fantasy and wonder, I can also do realism, using the pen to carefully follow the lines of objects to create an accurate representation of the thing being drawn. Noteworthy among these are my portraits of people. If you send me a selfie or picture of yourself I can bring one into being for you.

If you're interested in a reproduction of one of my pieces, or want to commission me to paint you something new get in touch and payment can be negotiated. Based on factors such as the type of art requested, the size of canvas, materials used, and location of shipment. I can have them put on backgrounds or sent on the paper alone.

a sample of my art can be found on facebook at

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Pangu, The Primordial Man

Xian Ren Shan (Immortal Person Mountain)


Orchid and Rock