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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In the classical chinese worldview, the human body was viewed in a holistic unity with Heaven, Tian, and Earth, Di. As the seasons ruled over a year, so too does a microcosm of the seasons rule over a single day, and each passing moment. The Five Elements are always in operation from greatest to most minute. They divided the 24 hours in a day among the 12 officials. Each one being a minister with a different task in the Empire. The Heart holding the imperial office itself. The Xin, which was the house of the Shen or Spirit. The mandate from heaven coming down in that person. Observing these cycles syncs up the ministers with the Dao, and balances Yin and Yang. These observations are not a requirement or guaranteed fact, but a system which can be followed for organization.

The Times

Liver 1am - 3am

Gall Bladder 11pm - 1am

Triple Burner 9pm - 11pm

Heart Protector 7pm - 9pm

Kidneys 5pm - 7pm

Bladder 3pm - 5pm

Small Intestine 1pm - 3pm

Heart 11am - 1pm

Spleen 9am - 11am

Stomach 7am - 9am

Large Intestine 5am - 7am

Lung 3am - 5am

To find out more experience your own officials, and get into the Yin Yang and Chinese context. Also check out our new video

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