The Power of Art

The Power of Art Art has long been a dear ally to humanity. Unlike inventions and concepts which serve a utilitarian purpose, art is completely aesthetic, it functions to bring beauty. Art invokes the individuals soul as their handiwork is imprinted on the created world. Art is a recreation, it is to reenact the forces of creation to assemble something new. Art is also a mirror of evolution, as it comes from imperfect beings and imperfect tools it can never make anything perfect, but within the striving of the artist to greater skill one draws closer and closer to that unattainable object. Art is in a sense a sin, it misses the mark. Art only becomes relatively better and more complete, just like humans as created beings can draw nearer to the perfection of the Son, yet are still only getting farther away.

When a child or someone new takes their first step in an artistic medium, the first creation is riddled with flaws, yet from that first attempt is a bridge to the individuals soul, perfect and whole as it is, requiring no further improvement. The parents of the child in most cases will look upon the work with unconditional positive regard and create a crucible for that talent to grow. Within the first attempt the creation is already done and at its zenith. Vainly we try to wrestle with our own nature and the provided materials to bring a greater deal of approval to the subject. With enough time creating enduring masterpieces which inspire and transcend history. The ultimate God was working with us when we gave it our first try, and if we continue that creator is revealed in steadily greater detail. While mortal hands never completely hit the mark, in their trying they please the eyes of the creator. Great artists may look at their works as rubbish, and this can be an indication of the eye of discernment, to constantly be rejecting what is flawed in pursuit of what is greater. The more skilled we become, the more adept this eye is in repulsing away its flawed workings. The power of art draws us from imperfection to completion, accepting what is rejected, and rejecting what is accepted.

Art is flexible by nature, it can be made in sound, in sight, in word, and in form. In any beholding of the senses there is artistic process. Our art is like a signature signed on the world in our own unique handwriting. A rendering of the song in our own voice. The subtle is emphasized, character and style develops. Emotions, ideas, and images are expressed. Art reminds of the power in the hands, a personal touch that is offered which no machine can reproduce. The living energy or Qi of a person suffuses that which they contact. A variable as idiosyncratic as a human itself. It is this power of the artisan hand which is being lost to the world today, which seeks to reproduce to lab grown specifications, a control on all the variables with no room for dynamic chaos. Mass produced replicas replacing the ingenuity of human craft. Products sterilized of soul by an intention of meeting mass demand on a one size fits all basis. The ability to adapt is compromised by the running of a repeated program. Massive businesses with the ability to produce on large scales choke out the niche filled by the small businessman who wishes to sell what came from his own original talent. With the coming of formula is a loss of novelty, repetition and convenience replace the evolution born from the room for error. Mass produced pop music fills the airwaves which could be open space for all singers to be heard. Synthetic and transgenic foods replace the soil that came purely from nature. All these pathologies tie together to create a world disconnected from the power of creator within everyone.

Nevertheless the Power of Art and the Artist endures, alchemizing the pressures thrust upon it to a more refined form, a refinement coming from coloring outside the lines printed for you to color in. The small market niche for hand crafted goods and artwork serves to weed out the best from the worst. A remote chance for something brilliant to come through. It tests to see who can work with all the materials provided and still retain the stroke of nature. In the world of fire the sword of the artist is hardened and made ready to carve an image of beauty from a fallen creator.

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