What does Reiki mean? What does it do?

The phrase Reiki is of Japanese origin, it is composed of two characters adapted from Chinese. The top character “Rei” means “spiritual”, “light”, “divine”, or “numinous”. The bottom character is “Ki” which means “life force”, “vitality”, “energy”, or “breath”. Originally in Chinese, these characters would be pronounced “Ling Qi”. Ling is described as the creation of mediation between order and disorder, or yin and yang, positive and negative. It is the power of “Shen”; gods, that which makes power possible. In Vietnamese religion it is called Linh, the potential of an ancestor or spirit to influence structures and create changes. In other words, the power of one who has passed on to affect the current existence. Qi is the Chinese equivalent to Ki, it is the energy of life, sometimes described as the vapor created while cooking and refining substances. In combination this can be taken to mean a type of energy that is guided by the divine intelligence, the brilliance of Ling, becoming active qi which can be given and received. Reiki is a divine power which can separate forces entirely or bind them together, it can separate a person from their usual stream of consciousness, into one which flows directly into a state of health, with no obstacles that can obstruct it. Reiki removes the blockages at their source, which is based on the interaction of the person with the Ling, or Rei. Re-illuminating where one has gone dark and allowed themselves to become unhealthy. DAO Holistic Wellness, being inspired by Daoism and the Chinese worldview, interprets this as return of the Dao to harmony, within and outside, this doesn't necessitate any spiritual worldview, it could be taken as the same power cells use to regulate their health and the larger system they take part in.

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