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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The COVID Pandemic of 2019-2020 has certainly changed the way businesses, people, nations, and the entire world operates. It is important to manage spiritual and emotional health in these times of worry and isolation. It may be beneficial to separate from the world as we knew it, and simply relax, hope, and allow change to come. Slow down from the economic rat race and spend time with nature and family. Reach out to friends for support.

The best measures to take right now are to follow CDC recommended guidelines, reducing contact, covering our mouths with masks, wash often, eat healthy, exercise moderately, and rest well. It is a good time to watch films and shows, read books, do art, and find new hobbies.

I believe these stressful events can work for the better of the country in time. It is an adaptive pressure, asking humans to reconsider what their lives are really for and what is most important to them. By adapting to whats being thrown at us as a collective planet and species, will have us all coming out in an advantageous position down the road. I believe faith in things getting better is absolutely important, as well as taking the practical steps needed to protect our vulnerable members.

My business is not entirely shut down, I can still do distance Reiki, with or without video or phone contact. I can also do meet-ups or Reiki or in-home visits provided we observe precautions. After this time in the low energies I do see a rebound for the country, and the work of healers and mystics. As for my personal plans, I am signed up to attend massage therapy school in Denver at the start of 2021. Making a path for myself to become certified in Colorado as a massage therapist, and add the massage modality to my services. It will be a blessing to have human contact again and practice the art of making people feel better. May we all inherit abundant blessings in the world to come.

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